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Online Courses On Coding With International Certification

If we are talking about how enigmatic and advanced our future is going to be, then coding is the crux of it. With DIYA (Do It Yourself Academy), your children can... Read More

If Coding is the way of the future then your children will lead you to it.

At DIYA (Do It Yourself Academy), we have carefully crafted the online courses on Coding that will help unlock the full potential of your children and make sure that they... Read More

What's the THINGSMAN program?

If your children are all about that elite programming life, then this course will make sure that they ace at it. This Winter help your children become masters at Program making... Read More

It's Friday and that can only mean one thing

It's time for a fun fact #DidYouKnow that the word 'Animation' comes from the French glossary which means 'Soul'. The whole concept of characters and their ensoulment is what we... Read More

Sign up for our online courses & make children future – ready!

If you ask us where should you begin the journey for your children to become future-ready, DIYA (Do It Yourself Academy) is the only answer. Our courses have been crafted to... Read More

New technology will seem like magic to us!

The sooner children learn about the intricacies of technology, the more future-ready they will be! Prepare your child for the future. Enroll them in DIYA's online courses today! Register with... Read More

Soon your child will be saying building an app is easy

Let us introduce your child to the thriving world of app development so they may have brighter future! Register with us at and avail a free demo session you... Read More