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Online Home Tuition For Computer Science

Computer science is all about the study of algorithmic processes, computational machines and computation itself. If you want to know all these terminologies with the help of Tutor, then you... Read More

Online Tuition For Biology | Biology Tutors

In PCB Subjects, Biology is the most interesting and in- depth subject. Bio’s topics really needed explanation from the tutors so getting all the understanding about concepts. Ziyyara is here... Read More

In the era of the 21st century is becoming a very common word, every second person knows what online tuition is. If you are not aware of the difference between... Read More

Online Home Tuition Tutoring In India

In the Pandemic situation students don’t want to go outside for studies so they are preferring for online tuition or we can say home tuition. Online home tuition is the... Read More

Online Home Tuition For Chemistry | Chemistry Online Tuition

Chemistry is the most important subject of science stream and sometimes it looks a little bit difficult to students. Because it is the study of the properties and behavior of... Read More

Online Home Tuition For Hindi | Hindi Tuition

Hindi is the mother tongue of India, but still it has the demand all over the world because Hindi simplifies the way of communication. In India hindi is the... Read More

Online Home Tuition For Political Science | Political Tuition

Get the chance to teach your children with the best tutors of ziyyara. Ziyyara is a one stop platform for all subjects and in all countries. No matter what subject... Read More

Online Home Tuition For History | History Home Tuition

History subjects become tough when you don’t have a tutor. So, whenever you have doubts about your history just search Ziyyara and sign up with ziyyara and get tutoring yourself.... Read More

Online English Tuition For English | Online Tuition for English

Ziyyara’s online tuition for English helps in building a strong foundation via online tuition for English, so every student can ask their queries without any peer pressure. Ziyyara appreciates our... Read More

Online Home Tuition For Geography | Geography Online Classes

If you are really serious about your mark then instantly join Ziyyara Online learning Platform. students are connecting with us from other countries who prefer a need-based personalized online learning... Read More