China stoops to a new low, plans this move to achieve its political ambitions

In the post-COVID-19 era, Chinese President Xi Jinping has recently announced that the COVID-19 vaccine being developed by China will become a ‘global public good’. Chinese officials have begun to use a possible vaccine for the pandemic as a political tool and are thus promising early access to the vaccine to poor and developing countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and other areas of the world.

It has become abundantly clear that China’s recent global health work is all an attempt by Beijing to control the narrative surrounding the origins and handling of the coronavirus. After appearing in the Chinese city of Wuhan late in December last year, the virus was dubbed as the ‘China virus’ by many heads of states including US President Donald Trump. China since then has received a lot of criticism from other nations for its inefficient handling of the outbreak, leading to the virus spreading to other parts of the world, as well as for withholding critical information regarding the virus from the world-leading to greater devastation.

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