Concerns regarding the changed NEET question pattern

After the NTA introduced the option for NEET aspirants to select their questions, concerns have arisen among parents and students regarding the 'Changed NEET Pattern', its structure, and usefulness.

These concerns, while not unfounded, require immediate attention. The main issues raised by these individuals include:

– Will Negative Marking still apply when evaluating the score in the 10 questions that must be answered from a pool of 15 questions?

– If a student answers all 15 questions in Section B, will only the first 10 questions be considered, or will it be based on those questions answered correctly?

– With students evaluating 20 extra questions as choices, should there be additional time allocated for the exam?

– A commonly requested feature is a 'Reading Space' of 15 minutes, during which students can read and familiarize themselves with the questions, aiding them in preparing for the 180-minute test.

Although the number of examination centers has been increased for NEET 2021, the scoring remains the same – Each correct answer earns 04 marks, while an incorrect answer results in a loss of 01 mark.