fruit and vegetable juice machine in APS industries

fruit and vegetable juice machine
1: Juice extractor with multifunction, commercial use, and electric way

The fruit and vegetable juice extractor machine can be used for making juice with high quality. The juice making machine will be used for commercial with the capacity.

Multifunctional extractor: The fruit and vegetable juice making machine can be used for apple, orange, pineapple, passion fruit juice, coconut and all kind healthy vegetable such as carrot, kale, tomato, wheatgrass etc.

Commercial use extractor: We have different fruit juicer capacity for your choice, such as 0.5T/H,1.5T/H,2.5T/H. The juice making machine with high efficiency suitable for commercial use in fruit juice business. The different fruit and vegetable have some difference on the capacity. Because the fruit and vegetable water content is different.

Electric juice extractor juicer: the machine is automatic and electric. We only need to turn on the electric power, then the machine juicer will work.

2: What is a good juicer to buy

It is not good if you want start juice business without knowing of the what is good juicer. There is main point to be considered: easy to clean juicer, all in one juicer machine, stainless steel juicer, quality juicer and good price extractor.

Stainless steel juicer: Corrosion-resistant, non-rusting, easy to clean, durable, clean and hygienic.