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Vamosys FleetOS and Telematics solutions are trusted by fleet owners with accurate tracking, fuel & temperature sensors for business growth.
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Driver Tracking

Fuel Monitoring System

GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking Software

Truck GPS Tracker

Vehicle Tracking

Fleet Management Solutions

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet Manager Assessment Test

Temperature Monitoring Solutions

What is Telematics?

What is GPS and How Does GPS Tracking Work?

Enterprise Tracking solution

School Bus tracking

SIM Based Tracking Solution

Personal Track

Asset Tracking Software

Bus Tracking


AIS 140

GPS for Agriculture

Inventory Management for Logistics

Logistics Management System

Trip Management System for Trucks

Financial Management for Logistics

Route Optimization Software for Logistics

Knowledge is the key to become successful! The transportation industry supports all sectors of the economy — Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors! Approximately 10 million trucks are running on Indian roads. But what about the logistics sector? Still, most of the companies are unorganized in India!

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