How do I Setup D-link DIR842 AC1200 Wi-Fi Router?

D-link DIR842 AC1200 wifi router installation:
1.Remove the Cable/DSL Modem from power by disconnecting the power adapter from power source.
2.Connect the D-link DIR 842 router to the modem with an Ethernet cable at the yellow WAN port.
3.Connect the computer and the D-link router also with an Ethernet cable attached at any of the 4 LAN ports available of the D-link DIR 842 router.
4.The computer connection could be established over a wifi/wireless connection or wired Ethernet cable connection.
5.Plug the D-link DIR 842 router’s power adapter to power.
6.Also, attach the power adapter of Cable/DSL Modem to the power outlet.
7.Power on all devices simultaneously.
8.Wait till the power LED’s status lights on receiving the power.

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