How to Choose the Right Medical University?

How to Select the Appropriate Medical University?

Once you've committed to pursuing a career in Medicine, further decisions await you. Upon participating in NEET – UG, if securing a Government seat for MBBS becomes unattainable due to scores, you'll need to choose between taking a gap year, opting for MBBS in a private Indian Medical University, or exploring alternatives like Ayurveda, among others. However, there's a third option that often outweighs the former choices: pursuing MBBS abroad.

Regardless of the path you opt for, the critical task is selecting a Medical University where you will establish the bedrock of your career. Now arises the million-dollar question – how does one go about selecting a Medical school? Amidst numerous MBBS colleges both abroad and in India, many serve as outstanding centers of learning, offering a unique trajectory to your Medical career. Nonetheless, there are a few that may prove to be unfavorable choices.