HSJ Industries manufacturers of Sprinkles to Decorate your Cakes, Cupcakes and confectionery

In Delhi India, Kemry manufactures Sugar sprinkles, otherwise called jimmies, are small, bright candy store adornments used to upgrade the presence of different treats, including cakes, cupcakes, frozen yogurt, and dessert shops. To Visit Our website :- https://www.hsjind.com/

Sugar sprinkles are frequently used for decorating in the following ways:

Cupcakes and Cake: Kemry's Sugar sprinkles are most of the time sprinkled over the frosting or good to beat all cupcakes to add a pop of variety and surface.
Frozen yogurt: Kemry's sugar sprinkles are a popular choice for sprinkled over scoops of frozen yogurt or integrated into desserts for added crunch and variety.
Cookies: Sugar sprinkles can be used to improve treats, particularly those with a smooth icing or coating. They can be applied before the icing sets to guarantee they stick and add a great touch to the treat's appearance.
Confectionery: In ice cream parlors, sugar sprinkles are used to brighten different sweet treats like truffles, confections, and chocolate-covered desserts. They give an unusual method for making these treats all the more outwardly engaging.

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While Kemry's sugar sprinkles are a popular choice for decoration, other edible decorations, such as edible Cakes Cupcakes, Ice creams, fondant, and icing decorations, Our Sprinkles can be used to create a variety of effects when decorating desserts. To Contact us :- +91 99902 99766 Email us on :- info@hsjind.com