Increase your efficiency and service with the App Platform

As a logistics service provider, it is in your DNA to provide your customers with the best possible service. That has brought you to where you are now. The focus on efficiency and communication has undoubtedly helped you with this. Because in addition to setting up your own processes as efficiently as possible, to deal with tight margins and ever-changing customer wishes, communication to your employees, customers, and suppliers are just as important. This is the only way to stay ahead of your competition. As a software supplier for the 3PL industry, we realize better than anyone that you do not have time to answer your phone every day, just to inform your customers of their latest order status. Despite the fact that your customers may wish so. In addition, you do not want your drivers or scan employees to have to walk to the office for every glitch and so unintentionally slow down their processes. With PL Solutions’ App Platform these time-consuming activities are all in the past.

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