Integrated American Medical Program in Georgia

In the conventional European MBBS program offered by Georgian medical colleges, students fulfill the requirements of MBBS in Georgia, accruing 360 credits upon completion. Subsequently, students are required to undertake either the FMGE or NExT examination to secure their medical license for practice in India. With their license in hand, students can then pursue specialization pathways, culminating in an MD degree following their MBBS in Georgia.

Integrated American Medical Program in Georgia

What does the European MBBS in Georgia program entail?
Under the standard European MBBS program offered by all Georgian medical colleges, students complete the MBBS curriculum, accumulating 360 credits. Following this, students are required to pass either the FMGE or NExT exam to obtain their medical license in India. Once licensed, they have the option to pursue specialization for an MD degree after completing their MBBS in Georgia.

Upon finishing the MBBS program in Georgia, only about 20% of students manage to pass the FMGE exam in India. From this group, a mere 2% secure a PG seat. Consequently, students at the University of Georgia or Tbilisi State Medical University often choose to enroll in the Integrated American Program, an option not available at other medical colleges in Georgia.

What is the Integrated American Program (IAP)?
Typically, students who opt for the MBBS program in Georgia are enrolled in the European Medical Program, which leads to an MD degree (equivalent to MBBS in India). However, the Integrated American Program in Georgia offers an additional avenue for medical students, allowing them to prepare for admission to postgraduate programs in the USA while pursuing their MBBS in Georgia. This program, therefore, combines MBBS in Georgia with a pathway to postgraduate studies in the USA.

The Integrated American Program is tailored to ready students for the USMLE exams, which are necessary to practice medicine in the United States. Participants in this program commence USMLE Step 1 exam preparations from their first year of MBBS study in Georgia. The USMLE exam preparation is integrated into the standard MBBS curriculum, with students typically taking the Step 1 exam at the conclusion of their third year. Preparation for the USMLE Step 2CK exam begins in the fourth year, with the exam usually taken during the fifth year of study.