kursk state medical university

The Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) is held in high esteem as it features among the Top Medical Universities of Russia. We at Moksh also recommend the University very highly for all the Indian students. More than 800 students at Kursk State Medical University are from India.

The University was established in 1935 that makes it 86 years old, an age that deserves respect, especially when comparing Universities. So, the University is State run or a public University, quite in sync with MOKSH’s ideology of endeavoring to provide admission in public Universities only. The Medical wing of the University is called the Institute of Medicine.

Kursk State Medical University World Ranking is 4670th among 40,000 odd Universities globally, which is significantly respectable and it would obviously be an honor for any student to boast of studying in this Russian Public Medical University. The Kursk State Medical University Ranking in the country is 180th.