NEXT Exam Details National exit test

What is the NEXT exam?
In 2019, the Indian Parliament passed the NMC bill 2019, replacing the Medical Council of India (MCI) with the National Medical Commission (NMC). Since then, the NMC has been tasked with regulating norms related to medical education and related protocols in India. As part of this transition, all medical graduates are now required to take the MBBS exit test, known as the National Exit Test (NEXT).

In essence, the NEXT exam serves as a nationwide entrance exam for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the medical field in India. It has been proposed as a standardized national exit test for MBBS graduates aspiring to practice medicine in India or pursue further education in the medical field. The NEXT medical exam serves as a common gateway for students to obtain licensure and practice as doctors in India. With the implementation of the NMC bill in 2019, the NEXT exam was introduced in 2021 and has replaced the NEET-PG exam. Read on for more details about the NEXT exam!