Pawan Dauluri Appointed In CEO : Pawan Dauluri has been appointed as the CEO of Microsoft Windows

Pawan Dauluri, a Tamilian who took over as the CEO of the Rs 440,000 crore company, now joins the ranks of Indians like Google's Sundar Pichai and Microsoft's Satya Nadella who are at the helm of major tech companies. Tamil Pawan Dauluri ( Pawan Dauluri Appointed In CEO) has been selected for the role of CEO of the largest company . Microsoft, the world's leading technology company, is making several major changes to increase its business and investment in the field of AI.Microsoft management was running the Windows and Surface teams under separate leadership. The Windows division was headed by Michael Barak and the Surface division was headed by Pawan Toulur. Michael Barak has now been given a new position within Microsoft. Thus the Microsoft Windows and Surface teams are reunited. Pawan Dauluri has been appointed as Chairman of the merged entity.