pet bottle recycling machinery

PET Bottle Recycling Machine
A large number of waste PET bottles come from the daily consumption of bottled beverages, resulting in waste of PET bottle resources and environmental pollution. Our PET bottle washing and recycling machine is specially designed to recycle and reprocess waste plastic PET bottles, Coke bottles, Pepsi bottles, mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, etc.

After processing by our PET bottle recycling machine, the final PET bottle flakes will have less than 1% moisture content and the dried and clean PET bottle flakes can be sent to our pelletizing machine for direct pelletizing. We can provide PET bottle recycling machines with capacities from 300kg/h to 3000kg/h. The end product PET bottle flakes are of stable quality and have various application grades. The PET bottle flakes, which are cleaned by the PET recycling machine, can be used for the production of polyester staple fiber, PET tape, pellets, PET transparent film flakes, etc. The high-grade PET bottle flakes can also be used for the secondary molding of PET bottles.

Easy to use, high performance plastic recycling machine
PET recycling machine's efficient, one-step plastics recycling machine is designed for the reprocessing of printed and non-printed PE polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE) and PP polypropylene flexible packaging materials. This knife integrated pelletizing system eliminates the need for pre-pelletized material, requiring less space and energy consumption, while producing high quality plastic pellets at high productivity.