Poppy Seeds Benefits: Benefits of eating poppy seeds

Poppy seeds are one of the most used spices in our Indian cuisine. It is called poppy seeds in English. We get this poppy seed from the poppy plant. After drying the seed bags of the poppy plant in the sun, the poppy is extracted from it.
Usually poppy seeds are added to enhance the taste of non-vegetarian food in our homes. This poppy is not only a food item but also has many medicinal properties. In this case, let's know the benefits of poppy seeds (Poppy Seeds Benefits).Anti-inflammatory properties in poppy seeds reduce skin inflammation. The linoleic acid in poppy seeds moisturizes the skin and relieves the symptoms of eczema. Linoleic acid deficiency causes skin diseases including acne. Linoleic acid helps prevent dandruff on our scalp. Mix poppy seeds with curd and apply on the affected area. Applying this on the face makes the face glow.