Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition: All You Need to Know

The Realme GT2 Pro is an excellent smartphone. The Realme GT2 Master Explorer edition, the second half of Realme’s flagship phone, is now available. This GT2 Master Review arrives a bit late, so be ready for all the facts.

Display & Design

Realme is one of the few firms whose flagship phones use a flat screen. The GT2 Master sports a flat screen with an ultra-narrow bezel. The screen is excellent, and the ultra-narrow bezel alone is enticing. Its bottom bezel is around the same width as the iPhone, while its left and right bezels are even thinner than the Xiaomi 12S Ultra’s curved screen. And, since it has a plastic screen holder, it’s more elegant than a phone like the K50, which has a top-tier flat screen as well. The screen is not from Samsung, but it is still quite good. Aside from the greenish side view and the FHD+ resolution, there’s nothing to complain about.