Shine Bright on Your Haldi: Explore Our Jewellery Selection

Flower jewellery has been adorning brides and adding a touch of natural elegance to celebrations for centuries. From delicate floral garlands to intricate floral bracelets and earrings, flower jewellery offers a unique and enchanting way to accessorize any occasion. In this blog, we'll dive into the world of flower jewellery, exploring its history, significance, and timeless appeal.

The History of Flower Jewellery:

Dating back to ancient times, flower jewellery has been a cherished tradition in cultures around the world. In India, flower jewellery, known as "Phoolon ki Chadar" or "Haar," has been an integral part of weddings and festive celebrations for generations. The use of fresh flowers in jewellery symbolizes purity, beauty, and new beginnings, making it a fitting adornment for special occasions.