study in college-of-medical-sciences

Founded in 1993, the College of Medical Sciences is a Private Medical College. Since its establishment, the institution has undergone multiple changes to provide students with high quality medical services as well as affordable education. It shares an academic affiliation with Kathmandu University. This medical college helps foster learning and creates opportunities to acquire clinical skills.

College of Medical Sciences consists of a well-ventilated Library, Lecture Halls, Laboratories, Seminar Rooms, Media labs with computers, etc. Additionally, the learning center has modern audio-visual equipment while basic, clinical, and doctoral departments are air-conditioned. The College of Medical Sciences – Teaching Hospital is the base for conducting clinical teachings. Besides that, it comprises a fully equipped 1050 bedded facility attached to the largest ICU & OT Complex.

The Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery (MBBS) program duration is five and half years long including one year internship. The internship period consists of twelve months in which students need to acquire training and competitive skills. The College of Medical Sciences world ranking is at the 20161st position.