Study MBBS abroad counselling steps

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The aim of this article is to provide students with guidance on the steps involved in study MBBS abroad counselling and to help them secure a seat rather than miss out on opportunities.

If you are a student who has scored 550+ in NEET, you may expect admission to your preferred government medical university. However, for some students scoring less than 550, obtaining admission to a government university might seem challenging. This does not mean that your dream of becoming a doctor has to come to an end. You still have the option to study MBBS abroad. Check out the counselling steps to gain admission to the best university abroad and make sure to get in touch with MOKSH experts to guide you on the right path.

Before participating in NEET Counseling, it is recommended to register yourself with MOKSH. This will help you understand the possibilities available to you after completing NEET.

Below are the steps for study MBBS abroad counselling:
For those with less than 300 marks or just qualifying, it is crucial to be fully engaged. Here, you have access to the best MBBS Abroad universities. Let's see how to proceed with counselling:

1. Choose a Country and University: This step is pivotal as it sets the course for your journey towards becoming a doctor. Conduct thorough research and select a country that aligns well with your academic and cultural preferences. MOKSH will assist you in choosing the best option, considering all facilities.

2. Verify Eligibility Requirements: Each country has its own set of eligibility criteria for MBBS students. While some agents might provide misinformation about eligibility, claiming that students can proceed without qualifying in NEET, it is important for Indian citizens to verify this information on the official website of the university.