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Short stories are independent works of prose fiction whose function is to convey a moral, evoke a specific mode, or capture a moment. Short stories are likely focused, as all... Read More

As an Author, Speaker and Grief and Life Transformation Coach, I have been dedicated to supporting the bereaved in their healing since my daughter’s suicide in 2005, at the age... Read More

To get a firm clue which one can follow fruitfully in the retrospect and prospect one have proposed to oneself, it will not be awry to inquire what is the... Read More

Kennon A. Keith was born in April 1980 in Los Angeles, California. His parents raised him with strong Christian values and always taught him if he had “faith the size... Read More

Obtained his Ph.D. (2000) in Economics in the areas of Public Choice/Public Finance. He taught at various universities at both undergraduate and graduate courses in economics and business. He has... Read More

The Scriptures are so precious that one has to pay attention to the context in which they were written and how they are used now. From the 2008 Synod on... Read More

W. Clark Boutwell is a gentleman of a certain age who has spent most of the time since he was eighteen-years-old learning to be a physician, practicing his craft, and... Read More

You look at the sky and the world around you and feel yourself suddenly tipping forward. You catch your breath as you try to balance yourself on the edge of... Read More

Natalia Padilla is a twelve year old pianist, composer, art illustrator, and author of “Good Night.” She currently lives in San Diego, California, where she has lived for the most... Read More

It’s already 2022, but ReadersMagnet continues to feature in threads and discussions naming the company a scam and among the bogus publishing houses successful extorting unsuspecting authors. While ReadersMagnet has... Read More