Tamilnadu Property Expo 2023 – A Business Festival in Chennai

When the deities leave the temple and come to the people gathering places for the benefit of devotees who come to see him throughout the year, we call it a festival.Similarly, a trade fair is a business festival where companies and traders from the industry meet together at one place and the companies directly communicate all their specialties to the users.Recently the Tamilnadu Property Expo 2023 was held on May 12, May 13, and May 14 at Chennai Trade Centre, Nandampakgam, Chennai.It was the first time that NFBD participated in the Trade fair event. It was a successful attempt for the NFBD and the response was good from the users.The first commercial launch of the NFBD trade was a complete success with full recognition from the buyers. Totally 42 companies from the real estate sector participated in this Trade fair and the presence of the NFBD was felt very much.