The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, known as MOFA Dubai, plays a crucial role in the attestation of cer

MOFA attestation, facilitated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a critical step in the document attestation process for individuals planning to use their documents in foreign countries, including the UAE. This attestation confirms that a document is genuine and has been verified by the appropriate authorities in the issuing country, making it valid for official purposes abroad.

The process of MOFA attestation generally follows several stages. Initially, the document must be notarized and attested by relevant local authorities in the issuing country. This might include the document's notarization, followed by authentication from state or national bodies, such as the Ministry of Education for educational certificates or the Ministry of Health for medical certificates. After these verifications, the document is presented to the respective country’s Ministry of External Affairs for further attestation.

Once these steps are completed, the document is ready for MOFA attestation in the destination country. In the UAE, for instance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) undertakes the final attestation. This step verifies that the previous attestations are legitimate and that the document meets all legal requirements for use in the UAE.