U Type Sheet Pile

Steel sheet piles are a type of steel with a lock. The cross section of steel sheet pile is a straight plate shape, a groove shape or a Z shape. Steel sheet piles are available in various sizes and interlocking forms.
U type sheet pile is a U-shaped profile interlocked on both sides to form a continuous wall with its centerline in the middle of a double U section wall. u type sheet piles can be stacked more consistently than any other shape and therefore can be used for both permanent and temporary projects.
Advantages of U type steel sheet pile:
1) U-shaped steel sheet pile specifications and models are rich.

2) Combination of great wave depth and high flange thickness leads to excellent statical properties

3) According to the European standard design and production, symmetrical structure form, is conducive to repeated use, in repeated use, and hot rolling equivalent.

4) The length can be customized according to customer requirements, which brings great convenience to the construction and reduces the cost.

5) Due to the convenient production, it can be customized in advance when used together with the composite pile.

6) The production design and production cycle are short, and the performance of the steel sheet pile can be determined according to customer requirements.

Application of U type steel sheet pile:
The steel sheet pile is very wide, in the permanent structure of the building, can be used for wharf, unloading yard, embankment revetment, wall, retaining wall, breakwater, diversion embankment, dock, gate, etc.; In temporary structures, can be used to seal the mountain, temporary shore expansion, cut-off, bridge cofferdam, large pipeline laying temporary ditch excavation retaining, water, sand, and so on; In flood fighting, it can be used for flood control, collapse prevention, sand and so on.