What you’ll learn in Tajweed Classes Online?

Tajweed Classes Online: An online Tajweed class helps a student learn the full scope of skills and knowledge that amplifies his learning of Quranic recitation and allows him to become a master of Tajweed. What you’ll learn:
Proper Pronunciation: Try to learn the proper articulation of Arabic letters and sounds to make sure recitation is carried out in the right and clear manner.
Tajweed rules include understanding and application of Elongation (Madd) Nasalization (Ghunnah), and proper articulation of letters (Makhaarij).
Rhythm and Intonation: Work on the rhythmic patterns and intonations that will facilitate the good and melodious recitation of the Holy Quran, enabling it to naturally flow with the cadences of the verses.
Error Correction: Get personal feedback and guidance from professional teachers to rectify any error in pronunciation, the rules of Tajweed, or the style of recitation.