What You’ll Learn In the Quran Tutoring Course?

In this course, Quran Tutoring, you will gain the following range of indispensable skills and knowledge:

Recitation (Tilawah): You will learn to read the Quran properly, with clarity in pronunciation, fluency, and the correct application of Tajweed rules.
Tajweed: This class is designed in such a way that the principles of Tajweed are elaborately taught; this will make you understand and apply the principles of good pronunciation the characteristics of the letters and the principles of recitation.
Hifz (Memorization): We provide support and facilitation to all those who wish to work toward the memorization of the Quran by offering techniques to help memorize verses and surahs effectively.
Interpretation (Tafsir): This shall help in understanding the meanings and interpretations of Quranic verses through Tafsir sessions in order to increase more and more knowledge of the text.
Islamic Studies: Further enrichment shall be sought through more coursework on the teachings of Islam,