What You’ll Learn with an Online Quran Tutor?

This Online Quran Tutor Program is going to help you learn a wide array of salient features related to the Quran:

You will learn to pronounce Arabic letters and words correctly, with Tajweed rules that allow you to recite the Quran fluently and correctly.

Memorization: If you are interested in memorizing the Quran, then our tutors will support you with effective memorization techniques and enable you to continue steadily.
Tafsir: Through the classes, you will be able to know the meaning and interpretation of the verses of the Quran. It is going to be a look into the teaching of the Quran.
Islamic Studies: We would not only be engaged in studies related to the Qur’an but also have exposure to other perspectives regarding Islamic beliefs, practices, history, and ethics, which can cumulatively create a