Why Should You Hire A Dedicated Development Team With Nextbrain

Dedicated team model is a model of software development, where software engineers work on a client’s project exclusively, for a long period of time. This means hiring the professionals of your choice that you need to carry out the tasks you normally can’t (or don’t want to) in-house.
Dedicated team model is one of the three most popular types of client and developer collaborations, the other two being time and material(T & M) and fixed price(FP) models. Dedicated team becomes the extension of your internal team, and their cooperation works in the interest of the company and the client.
The outsourcing vendor is responsible for the selections of the dedicated team’s professionals and the administrative support division of the team. The dedicated team in the mobile app development industry can include people from following domains: Web design and back end developers, including cross platform platforms. quality assurance engineers UI/UX design team DevOps business analysts project managers, and others

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