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Azure Services | Sonata Software

Innovate with Sonata Azure Services Cloud-first approach is critical for digital journey. Businesses are confronting issues when they migrate to the cloud, and there is ambiguity over vision, scalability, security,... Read More

Poonam Care Service Control is a leading pest control service in Thane that provides pest solutions for general pest control, cockroach pest control, bed bugs pest control, rodent control, termite... Read More

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Industrial Water Service Market Revenue Analysis, Company Revenue Share, Global Forecast Till 2028

The latest research report published by Reports and Data centers around the global Industrial Water Service market. It offers an in-depth scrutiny of the Industrial Water Service industry and expands... Read More

Ammonia Nitrogen Remover

Ammonia nitrogen remover is a new type of agent specially to solve ammonia nitrogen in various types of water. The product can catalyze and decompose the ammonia nitrogen in sewage,... Read More

In July 2012, the anaerobic granular sludge added to the project for the first time by China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group was disintegrated and lost in 2 months... Read More

Shijiazhuang Xingzhong Water Technologies Co.,Ltd

Shijiazhuang Xingzhong Water technologies Co., Ltd. is a supplier and technical service provider dedicated to the water treatment industry. For ten years, we have provided customers with environmental protection solutions through... Read More

modified bituminous membrane | Call Now @ 971 558405476

We offer you all kinds of services you are looking for under construction with its wide product range and high customer satisfaction. Our products offer the peace of mind of... Read More


Nitenpyram is another new product developed after imidacloprid and acetamiprid. It has excellent systemic, osmotic effect, broad insecticidal spectrum, and is safe and non-phytotoxic. It is a replacement product for... Read More


Bifenthrin has the characteristics of strong knockdown, broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, rapid, and long-lasting effects. It is mainly contact and stomach toxic, and has no systemic effect. It can be used to... Read More