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Amtrade International is a market-leading independently-owned supplier of chemicals, plastics, raw materials and specialty products to all major industry segments in Australia and New Zealand. Formerly known as Brown &... Read More

Best DAP Fertilizer Exporter in Romania, Europe

"Top Wholesale DAP Supplier in Romania, Europe is Petrochim. We are the Best DAP fertilizer manufacturer in Romania, We deal in DAP fertilizers. Di-ammonium Phosphate, or DAP, is a common... Read More

OTHER NAMES: (4-[2-[[3-(4-Methoxy Phenyl)-1-Methyl Propyl] Amino] Ethyl]-1,2 Dimethoxy Benzene Hydrochloride. APPLICATIONS: Used to manufacture Dobutamine hydrochloride which helps in treatment of cardiogenic shock and severe heart failure. Trimethoxy dobutamine is a trimethoxy precursor and... Read More

MOLECULAR FORMULA: (C11H26N4O)n.(C4H8Cl2O)n APPLICATIONS: Used as levelling agent in alkaline zinc plating. It is used as stabilizer to prevent wild deposition. For more information follow the below link: or email us: Read More

As an automotive oil manufacturer in Bangalore, we make sure our products and services meet the demands and expectations of our customers in every way possible. In addition, we ensure our... Read More

DAP Fertilizer Exporter in Romania, Europe

Best DAP fertilizer exporter in Romania, Europe, is Petrochim, Wholesale DAP fertilizer Supplier in Romania, Europe, Best DAP fertilizer manufacturer in Romania, Europe, Best DAP Exporter in Romania, Europe. Diammonium... Read More

Best Chemical Product Exporter in Romania, Europe is Petrochim, We are the Leading manufacturer of Chemical Products and wholesale petroleum Supplier in Romania, Europe, Best Petroleum Exporter in Romania, Europe,... Read More

Appro Lubes is one of the top Industrial oil manufacturers in Bangalore because we are dedicated to service, quality, and dependability. Catering to our customer’s needs is our foremost priority. Appro... Read More

Methoxphenidine (MXP, 2-MeO-Diphenidine) is a dissociative research chemical that has been sold online as a legal high. Methoxphenidine Powder was seen for the first time in 1989 as a patent... Read More

The Global Precious Metal Catalysts Market is expected to be around US$ 21.70 Billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 6.19% in the given forecast period. Precious metal catalysts are noble... Read More