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110kV Polymer Suspension Insulators

Suspension Insulators Suspension insulators are a type of electrical insulator used to support overhead power transmission lines. They are typically made of porcelain or glass and consist of a series of... Read More

Polymer Station Post Insulator

Station Post Insulators Station post insulators are used in electrical power systems to provide insulation and support for conductors, such as high voltage transmission lines. They are typically used in substations... Read More

Auto parts low volume production

Low Volume Tooling Low Volume Tooling refers to the production of plastic or metal parts with a limited number of units, typically less than 10,000. These parts are usually produced using... Read More

Drug Substances and Intermediate Products

What are a drug substance intermediate and active pharmaceutical intermediates? A drug substance intermediate is a drug that is used as an API for the production of raw materials, and can... Read More

Double Motor Twin-shaft Paddle Mixer

The double motor twin-shaft paddle mixer is used for dry and wet mixing of granular and powdery materials. The paddle design ensures high mixing action and uniform distribution of important... Read More

High Pressure Pulse Bag Filter Dust Collector

A pulse jet baghouse, also known as a baghouse, is a suction and filtration system. As dust-laden air is drawn into the system, the filter media collects the dust while... Read More

Granule & Cylinder Precleaner

Configuration and Advantage ● Good cleaning effect and high impurities removing efficiency, more than 99%; ● Horizontal cantilever screen cylinder is adopted, screen cylinder is divided into feeding section and discharging-sieving section,... Read More

GX-E-4 4500 Psi Air Compressor

4500 Psi Air Compressor A 4500 PSI air compressor is a high-pressure compressor capable of producing compressed air at a pressure of 4500 pounds per square inch. This type of air... Read More

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